Play 'Rock Paper Scissors' inside iMessage

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I'm about to release a Rock Paper Scissor game too! 😂 not on iMessage tho, but still fun to see that Rock Paper Scissor is always an evergreen!
I wanted to create something familiar and simple for the launch of iOS 10. This was also a good learning experience.
Why didnt it get featured?
@99centbrains No one from Apple reached out to me.
Is it possible to make the result send right away? When the opponent picks, they can just keep picking until they win and then send that.
@lukepeerfly API Doesn't allow to send on your behalf. But I will take care of the bug in the next update.
We also made a RPS experimental iMessage app to explore the framework. We decided not to submit it to the App Store, as the final experience wasn't great due to several limitations… So, instead we open-sourced the project on Github and have written a Post-Mortem looking into what we learnt so far. You can find it here: