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A tool to solve indecisiveness. This site also helps.
@rrhoover It would also be cool to have a link to do a 1vs1
@rrhoover thank you for posting my game here, I'm honored!
@joantune @rrhoover that is something I thought about. Maybe I'll add that at a later date, especially if more people ask for it.
@morganlaco: what's the tech stack here? is it just HTML5 for now without any server code? if yes, maybe the best way for you to implement it [MVP like but good to try] is to use TogetherJS and use their special communication channel to sync the game between clients (you have the added benefit of adding voice chat and all) And all the code that you do, can then be re-used to implement your own synching mechanism between players if you feel like you should in the future.
It would be cooler if I could play it simultaneously with someone in the world.
Where's the matchmaking multiplayer?
Hey guys it isn't working :(