The first local taxi booking app in Palestine

Rocab is the first local taxi booking app in Palestine now available nation-wide. What makes it special is that Rocab support the local digital transformation of taxi companies and their inclusion in the new tech era.

We are a newly invested Palestinian Startup with a community-centric platform providing top-notch solutions for the public transport sector, aiming to give a chance to local service providers to compete against market giants. While providing new revenue streams to our clients via services and sub services built on our platform.

Lately we've reached a milestone covering 6 major locations in Palestine ( Ramallah, Hebron, Bethlehem, Gaza, Rafah, Middle Camps) and expanding as we speak.

Founded by Ali Taha & Rasheed Abu-Eideh two years ago; our business model adopted a unique but challenging social mission, to conserve our local economy by providing the latest tech to ordinary taxi companies and other featured providers.

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- Mohammad

CMO & Region Ops

Try it in Palestine and give us some feedback :)

Congratulations on the launch @mohammad_abumuailek! Is Rokab limiting the drivers to taxis only?
@lamaalrajih Thanks Lama :) Well, according to our Business Model, and unlike other apps, Rocab works with Taxi Companies and Freelance Taxi drivers who has a Public Transport valid registration. Meaning that we are currently not allowing private cars to transport passengers. Doing this will sustain the local taxi industry and won't disrupt it. We only work within the country's regulations. Our vision is to ease the digital transformation of Public Transport, by connecting passengers with verified taxis. And helping those taxi drivers take notice on how to provide a better service in a quality-controlled environment.
Great app , I use in my daily life, the only thing IMHO is the map taxis tracker need to improve a little bit to get real time tracking instead of update it each few seconds
@solaimankmail thanks Solaiman. You can check the latest update to our app on Google Play. We've made some improvements and you can see the taxis moving smoothly. An update to the service will reach our users who have iOS devices very soon (waiting for Apple App Store to approve the update). Thanks for your support. 💛🚖