World's First AI Personal Robot (pre-launch)

This looks almost too good to be true! $1k early bird price is a no-brainer if it can do everything the video shows.
@Quan under $1k is the #1 criteria when we started designing the product. to us, it's important to make the price affordable for everyone.
do people really want a massive random face attached to a robot standing in their living room?
@_jacksmith hey jack. the face and name can be personalizable. it's actually not that big. we have to pack all the hardwares, sensors, etc. into the unit. please ping me at if you want to see a live demo via skype or stop by our booth at CES, Eureka Park, TechCrunch Booth, Level 2, Sands Expo, Booth 75368.
Amazing! Looking forward to following the progress. Do you have a fully functional prototype? Would be cool to see less polished videos.
@dan_preiss yes dan. we'll post the less polished videos this weekend on our Kickstarter campaign. we're at CES launching the product this week.
She's a multi-talented personal assistant, an awesome photographer, a reliable security guard, a wonderful storyteller, and much more
Did anyone see iRobot? The end is near...