Robot Playtime

Transform your device into a programmable Robot!

Meet Pixel - your own interactive robot! Pixel starts off without any intelligence or emotion, so it's up to you to program some personality and life into it. Using Scratch, fun interactions can be programmed such as changing Pixel's emotion and speech.

Pixel aims to teach the basics of robotics and programming in a fun and interactive way.

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I like this, looks really cool. Would want to check this out with my young son. Please look into why Romotive failed back in 2013, so you can avoid any of their mistakes: TL;DR "Ultimately, Romotive became an abandoned ship that sank from aimless decisions and team disputes." All the best!
@leandrobthomas Thanks for sharing! It's unfortunate that Romotive has failed; we were supporters since their kickstarter. We're excited to have your son try Pixel. Any feedback on our product is greatly appreciated!
Hi there! I'm a huge fan of this idea! I really like it for education purposes, and I'm setting up my own class to teach 6+ to learn how to code using BB-8 droid and CodeBlocks (same as you use). I dubbed it CodeRocket and it's a sideproject where I hope to change what fundamental skills we teach our children. Hope to hear more!
@guus_hoeve Thanks for the compliment! Integration with BB-8 is also on our roadmap! Looking forward to hearing how your class goes!