Robot Ninja

Automated checkout testing for WooCommerce.

Robot Ninja provides automated checkout testing for your WooCommerce store.

Never worry about whether your online store and checkout are actually working ever again. Simply connect Robot Ninja to your WooCommerce store and it will run through a comprehensive suite of tests using real products and real payments – no code required.

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This should be product of the day for the name alone
@jeff_osborn thanks Jeff! We wanted to name it something fun to counter the fact that testing is a fairly dull topic for most.
Hey @jason_conroy & @mattallan_, Can you tell us more about what you've built here?
hi @jacqvon, so happy to be featured on PH! Thanks for hunting us @raemoreywrites. At the end of 2016, we set out to find the biggest problem experienced by eCommerce founders (so we could solve it!) We’ve been active in WooCommerce for many years, so we naturally talked to a lot of folks using WooCommerce (our favourite eCommerce platform). Time and time again, we heard folks talk about a bad experience they had after updating the WooCommerce plugin, or another plugin or their store’s theme, or with some custom code written for their store. The best thing about WooCommerce is how open it is. The worst thing about WooCommerce can also be how open it is. To avoid these nasty surprises, some stores no longer updated things regularly. Others had people running through a set of steps manually to test critical functionality. We knew there must be a better way. We’d written custom e2e tests for our own WooCommerce extensions, and wondered if it would be possible to create tests that could run against any WooCommerce store without heavy customisations. It’s not something we’d seen done for any other software platform. We weren’t sure if that was due to technical limitations, or just because it didn’t make sense commercially to create such a product. We decided to find out. First, at the end of 2016/early 2017, we built a prototype and ran it against half a dozen of the most popular WooCommerce themes. It worked! (Mostly). And so began the long road to where we are today, with a product any WooCommerce store can connect to and have the most critical functionality of their site tested automatically, in minutes, not days and without any custom code. We still have a lot of work to do to so that Robot Ninja handles all WooCommerce store configurations out-of-the-box (remember that part about it being so open?), but we’ve proven that it’s possible to create a tool that overcomes the cost of writing custom tests for a WooCommerce store. We’re really excited to be on Product Hunt and to reach more WooCommerce store owners so we can help them worry less about whether their store is working. Thanks to all for the upvotes and questions!
Hi @jacqvon @kestasvv thanks so much for your interest, I'm so happy to make it onto Product Hunt! As @thenbrent mentioned we've taken our experience writing e2e tests for our own WooCommerce products and have built a service that helps WooCommerce store owners to test and monitor their own stores without the need to write their own tests. Some of the cool things (for me anyway 😉) that we help store owners to do: * Schedule tests to run daily, weekly, monthly or intervals of those e.g. every 2nd day. We've found customers really like to use this as a way to monitor their stores on a regular basis (in addition to regular uptime monitoring services) * Test with real payments/transactions and real products. Whilst researching new products we found that lots of store owners manually test their stores regularly by creating test/dummy products and go through a lot of extra effort switching to test payment gateways or creating 100% coupons to mimic real transactions. With RN you don't need to go through all that repetitive extra effort. * Connect Multiple Stores - this is super useful for agencies that create and manage multiple stores for their clients. * Get notificatied when we can't make a successful puchase through the store. * Maintain a history of tests results It is still early days for us, we love hearing from customers and receiving feedback and questions. If there are any specific questions I'm more than happy to answer them or schedule a call to talk to anyone in person.
Looks really good, how does it actually run the tests? Is it using the WP API or is running E2E tests in the frontend? I'm wondering how does it place orders to test the checkout, will you end up with a bunch of test orders in the backend or does it "clean up" after itself? Does it need to use a real payment method?
@jahvi Thanks for the questions and interest! Robot Ninja uses e2e tests to test customer interaction with a store, like adding a product to the cart. It also uses the WC REST API to read, update and delete data relating to those tests. For example, it needs to read product prices to make sure the test card we create for the store has sufficient balance to be able to actually pay for the purchase of the test product (and the test won't fail because of a test suite related issue). As you've already figured out, it also needs to use the REST API to refund/delete test orders so that it cleans up after itself.
@thenbrent Thanks for your answer, I'll definitely will be giving it a try!
Awesome tool! Wanna everyday check for 1 store.
@mikekosulin Thanks Mike! You can schedule daily checks on the paid plan or weekly checks on the free plan.

Robot Ninja couldn't be easier to use – just link up your store to run a test right away, or schedule automated tests to run in the background whenever you want. Definitely one to sign up for if you stress a lot about whether your checkout is actually working properly!


Only automated testing tool built for WooCommerce; schedule tests to run automatically; get emails when tests find issues with your store


None as yet

🙇‍♂️ thanks @raeraemoreywrites for hunting us! ❤️