Self driving grocery stores

Robomart is building a fleet of self-driving grocery stores

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Groceries are soon to be a $1 trillion business, however just a fraction of that - less than 5% - is sold online. This is because having humans pick and deliver groceries is prohibitively expensive for retailers, and because consumers want to pick perishable goods themselves and don't trust someone else doing this. So we're building a fleet of self driving stores that retailers can license and deploy to their customers, who would simply tap a button to summon the closest robomart and then shop checkout-free for the freshest groceries right at their doorstep, at no extra cost. We unveiled our model prototype at CES to an amazing response with coverage in CNN, Business Insider, Endgadget, Financial Times, Evening Standard, RetailWire and hundreds more. We're targeting test deployments by the late summer and are looking for great retail partners to sponsor pilots.
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Cool idea! When will the first pilot be and where? Looks like these are just in the concept stage right now, am I right? Well, either way... Good idea and well designed product and website. Best of luck!
Thanks @dustin_mccaffree, we unveiled our model prototype at CES two weeks ago, and are currently targeting a late summer timeframe for test deployment in California.
@syedaliahmed Very cool. I'd love to see that! 🤘🏻 Let me know where you're at. I'm often in both Southern and Northern CA and would love to check out what you're working on!
Kick-ass product and team! Congrats, Ali!!
@marques_ph thanks Pedro!
Wow really interesting concept I’m digging it! One thing I don’t see on there that I think people who aren’t comfortable picking out their produce might want is some sort of accountability/oversight to make sure products aren’t tampered with. Something like a video camera over the station with a screen showing consumers they are on camera when taking their items (aka implicitly implying to them that others are too psychologically mitigating concerns)
@mwtbrowser thanks that's a great suggestion, we already have external facing cameras but the idea to have a screen/cctv could work very well.
Prepare to get offers from Amazon and Uber for a buyout!! This is amazing!