Cron and uptime monitoring dashboard

A tool that monitors background jobs & cron, pings for uptime, visualizes metrics – and notifies you when something is wrong.
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Hey Product Hunt! I'm really excited to launch my first side project today! A year ago I saw @levelsio using LOTS of background jobs (he calls them robots) for Nomad List. He showed a huge dashboard with lots of blips showing the status of his app. I wanted this for my apps as well. So I built it. I'm addicted to designing dashboards so I wanted it to look really nice on an iPad (or using AirPlay on a huge wall-mounted monitor). Robodash supports 4 kinds of widgets: - Heartbeats (to monitor cron and bg jobs) - Uptime monitors (pings any URL for 200 OK) - Counters (to track any number) - Charts (to show simple metrics) If anything goes wrong, Robodash will alert you on Slack and via email. Let me know what you think!
@bramjetten Congrats for launching!! 🚀
@satwaya Thanks Joshua! And thanks for testing Robodash. :)
very nice, simple and clear. (by looking at it). Will give it shot later =]. Congrats on the launch! 🎉
@erhankaradeniz Thank you Erhan! Let me know what you think.
This is so great, @bramjetten! I also wanted to build a dashboard like NomadList. Glad you made it instead. Thanks!
@wfxyz Thank you Wafiq!
I have built the same product to monitor tasks for my projects (called :) ) I really like the idea of "Counter", do you have a pricing page ?
@_julienh The counter widget is great for tracking your bg queues. No pricing page yet, if you sign up now you’ll get a trial account.