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Is there any chance that Robinhood will be available in the UK? I'd love to get into stocks but there isn't an app which looks this easy to use.
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@jbrooksuk Or the Netherlands.
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@jbrooksuk (referral link, so if anyone decides to register both of get some sort of bonus)... - Works well for EU & UK ( not available in the US). Trades are zero commission as well, plus it got a cool social network element to it.
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@jbrooksuk Germany is calling for Robinhood, too! :)
Hey Product Hunt, here's the link to Robinhood in the App Store:
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cc'ing @realSimonBurns who can give the robinhood take :)
@realSimonBurns @eriktorenberg He's at Sliced Investing now :)
Congratulations @thejgr, on winning the Apple Design Award. Added to my collection "Apple Design Award Winners "
@divjpatel Thanks!! All credit is due to our fantastic designer & product team!!