Free, 24/7 prescription delivery in San Francisco.

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Hey ProductHunters! I'm Elliott Poppel, CEO and Co-founder of RobinHealth. At RobinHealth, we're making the pharmacy personal again. Designed for the mobile world, we make it easier for you to to take care of yourself and the people you love. We eliminate the errand and deliver in as little as 60-minutes; we make consultation private and comfortable through in-app chat; and we empower pharmacists with unprecedented data and analytics so they can be proactive in providing care. Best part - the service is entirely free! We work with your insurance so all you pay your standard copay and that's it! As a parent managing your family’s prescriptions, RobinHealth just works. You don’t have to worry or think about the pharmacy ever again. We're currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area - delivering medications day and night and with pharmacists available to support patients 24/7. I'll be online all day answering questions and look forward to hearing what all of you think! Thanks, Elliott @epoppel
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Congrats on the launch! Innovative model, beautiful design and a strong team! :)
Just use this responsibly people! Cool product.
@samir_doshi No way to use this other than responsibly! Our whole user experience is designed around #ConvComm with a licensed pharmacist.
@epoppel awesome - I agree it looks sweet
Free pharmacy delivery under 60 minutes? This will be a hit with new moms like me! Downloading right now.
Awesome idea!! When are you coming to Boston/NYC?
@ajyang818 No matter where you are in the country, you can create an account and start building a relationship with your pharmacist right away. Currently, we're live with delivery in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area but we're using downloads and engagement to decide where to expand next. Download and share @RobinHealth with your friends and family and we'll be in your market as soon as we can!