Robin Powered

Meeting room booking made simple. OpenTable for your office.

Manage your weekly schedule, from your morning spin class through your team meetings and dinner plans. New events created through Robin are instantly reflected on your existing calendars (and vice versa).
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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ I'm from the crew at Robin Powered -- we're wrangling how people manage (or rather... don't manage) their conference rooms. With more folks leaving the privacy of cubicles in favor in the open office workplaces, private spaces like conference rooms become hotter commodities. That's where we come in. Robin is a meeting room scheduling system that can automatically detect room occupancy (thanks to beacons). We've replaced sheets of paper, whiteboards, and good ol' fashion yelling when it comes to managing rooms. It's anarchy out there right now. Would love to hear what you guys think!
I'm pretty sure this is the product we use at Optimizely, and it's working great! Keep up the good work, guys!
In the past we've tried using shared Google Calendars for meeting rooms but no one used it. An iPad (or just a piece of paper) with the day's scheduled meetings works so much better. Love the livestream video feed, @sdunn. πŸ˜€
@rrhoover We've met people who have to show up at the office at 6am everyday to write the days schedule outside the conference room on a whiteboard. It's rough out there!
We've been using Robin Powered at Uncorked and are huge fans of it. It helps folks who aren't inclined to use Google Calendar to book meeting rooms and makes life easier for those who do. We 3D printed some snazzy tablet holders onto our walls (happy to share if anyone's interested) so that colleagues and members of our coworking space can easily book rooms. The beacon integration is a nice add for those times that people have to pop into a room quickly. Keep it up!
what has changed since you guys were hunted last time: could you give us any updates?
@_jacksmith We've been busy! Focused up on meeting room scheduling (not just presence sensing as an "academic" pursuit). We launched new apps across iOS and Android which help people find rooms + people in a hurry. Beacons aren't a hard requirement for using us anymore -- the "Opentable for the office" narrative has been the biggest guide to our thinking. EDIT: Looks like our previous post retro-actively pulled in all the content from this post -- this is all new stuff!
@sdunn I'm looking for something similar. Send me an email for non-profit org in Singapore Thks