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Better conference room booking, right from Google & Outlook

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Adam Besvinick
VC at Anchorage Capital
The Robin team has built a cool new product that lets you search for the right room for your meeting within your calendar (i.e. "I need a room at 2pm today for 4 people with an Apple TV and whiteboard")
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Mike SmithHelping and learning
I've been using Robin for ~4 months so far and it's a delightful experience end to end. We have ~20 people that all need access to one conference room and it has made things much smoother. Prior to Robin we were using calendly but you couldn't see the schedule or send invitations. My only gripe with Robin was that it wasn't integrated into my current workflow (email) (first world problem for sure). Excited to try it out. Their customer service is extraordinary as well.
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What is Robin's differentiator to using Gmail's built-in room function? Is it the room type, number of people per room, and Outlook integration?
Brendan O'Neil
Professional emailer at Robin
@_mgdo Hey Matthew! Robin has a ton of extra bells and whistles (room displays, dedicated scheduling dashboard) that are helpful for companies with a bunch of conference rooms. For the plugin, you can filter based on amenities in the room, location, headcount etc. Eliminates a lot of guessing what room would be best as opposed to "this room is free" being the only criteria to book.