Rooms that react. Analytics & automation for your office.

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these use cases sound like 'When You're a Hammer Everything Looks Like a Nail'; it's trying to create solutions. http://www.bothsidesofthetable.c... instead should focus on large problems, not edge cases that 'sound nice'.
@BlendahTom I was suggesting that the proposed robin use cases are a hammer searching for a nail; not airbnb
From the talented team at @OneMightyRoar lead by @apsinkus.
it looks pretty awesome, but I don't really get what the f*ck it does... like it talks about sharing personas with a room and it talks about contacting their 'sales team', but gives no info on pricing, or what you'd actually be paying for. Overall very confusing and I wish they'd present the value-prop more concisely.
@_jacksmith yeah I wish they would have taken a JTBD approach on explaining the service as well. The video attached and this beta page provide more clarity.