Maps built for travelers. Now on Apple Watch.

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Tim Balzer
Tim BalzerMaker@timbalzer · Director of Product, Roadtrippers
Hey, everyone! With Memorial Day coming up, the Roadtrippers team has been working hard to get our new Apple Watch app launched, along with some additional features in the main app, to help everyone find the fun, quirky, offbeat, and otherwise badass places that are everywhere (if you know where to look). We've got over 3 million places in the US and counting. Given that the Apple Watch is about consuming in real time, we focused on helping to find places right near you, and built in a layer of context (e.g. if it is morning, the app will show you places to take a walk, grab breakfast, and get coffee) alongside our regular discovery. The thought is that you'll open the app the moment you think "we should go and do something" and Roadtrippers for Apple Watch will help you figure out where!
Joshua Smibert
Joshua SmibertMaker@joshua_smibert
Also, keep watch - we are madly working on a huge release which will bring realtime trip collaboration to your phone (think Google Docs collaboration but for planning trips).
This is game changing. I had the Yelp app for my Pebble and it was buggy as hell. Eventually I just gave up on it entirely. Really excited for this.
Ken Valuska
Ken ValuskaMaker@steelval3
@benbeingbin awesome, let us know what you think!
Natalie Akers
Natalie AkersMaker@natiakers · Marketing Manager, Roadtrippers
Thanks @benbeingbin. We think our concierge nails the process of discovering places that fit your interest nearby. Let us know how it works out for you!
Andy Fortson
Andy Fortson@andyfortson · Social & Digital at Faraday Future
Love Roadtrippers. Maybe the reason to finally get an Apple Watch? :)
Dave Durand
Dave Durand@daved · CEO, Forest Giant
I know these guys- full disclosure. However, this app is already a huge part of my life, having it on the watch- well, it's sick. Thanks for constantly pushing the boundaries- great stuff!