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Hey guys, really excited to be able to show you the new Roadtrippers App for iPhone. We've made it faster and easier to discover places and plan trips with a couple of big updates: - Along-route discovery for gas stations, food, hotels, and more. - Trip weather forecasting. - New sexy maps. - Swipe-able place discovery "cards”. - Access to your favorite places and trips. - Virtual “concierge” to help you find what you need, faster. - Loads more categories to help you sort for the places you want to visit. Hope you all enjoy and get out there to discover some fun places for Thanksgiving this week! Would love any feedback and definitely available for questions.
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@jsmibert Hey Joshua - first just wanted to say that it's great what you guys are doing, and being from Cincinnati I'm happy to see your success and what it means for tech entrepreneurship in the Midwest. The UI/UX looks great in this version. I was wondering if you had any plans for integration of other online platforms. For instance - somehow incorporating Airbnb/Couchsurfing for places to stay or Meetup/Eventbrite for things to do in the cities that people pass through.
@jsmibert used it when moving from Austin to Laguna Beach for @visageco. Looking forward to the updated mobile experience. I'll try it on my drive over to Phoenix for the holidays.
I've been a longtime user of Roadtrippers on desktop but always wanted a better mobile experience. The team at Roadtrippers delivered on the new 3.0. Completely reimagined and redesigned. It should be noted that I'm an investor in Roadtrippers and one thing we pay particular attention to at Ludlow is design UI/UX. This new version represents the best of both. I'm genuinely interested in how the Product Hunt community feels and would love to hear your thoughts.
This looks awesome. I am looking forward to my next roadtrip so I can try it.
@EAWharton I joined the team just over 6 months ago - but my wife and I have been using Roadtrippers as our go-to weekend discovery tool since it launched. We use it to find hikes, nature parks, museums and even as recently as two weeks ago found a Fossil bed about 15 mins from us here in Cincinnati to take the boys rock hunting.
@jsmibert very cool. That's definitely a higher frequency use case. I'll give it a try
My girlfriend and I used Roadtrippers while driving from NYC -> SF this summer and it was awesome! Found so many hidden gems along our route.
Holy crap, I was using Google Maps for planning an upcoming road trip until I got an email about this. I feel like I just discovered fire.