KAYAK for Car Shopping

Very alpha but slick UI. What's neat is that as you browse, you can purchase directly a car (wow) and have the car "delivered to your door". Am I dreaming?
@daveambrose Uber for cars? ...sorry, couldn't resist.
This is much more delightful than dealing with car salesmen/women (no offense) although I can't imagine buying a new car without driving it. Although if I was confident in what I wanted and Roadster simplified the price negotiations/comparison shopping, I could see myself using this to buy a new car.
I work for a competitor, but if I were to buy a car myself I would prefer a direct sales model like this. In terms of product - I love the suggested search and their step-by-step configurator is pretty slick as well. No other sites in the car shopping space have either as good from a glance. The hardest part will be satisfying needs for consumers beyond basic attributes. They want to know whether a minivan will fit their stroller, for instance. That's hard to do on any website and why people do go to dealers for a purchase this big. Consumers also don't think just in terms of make and types as they are shopping. I applaud the model and hope they can pull it off. I wonder what they had to offer Acura to get on board?
@eric3000 great comment Eric. one piece of their model I'm still trying to figure out: how does the delivery option occur post purchase and associated, where's the inventory from?
@daveambrose Thanks, Dave! Looks like inventory is direct from dealers if this is any indication: And I have spotted an option to test drive the car as well where you would get contacted by the dealer. I wonder if they are just bringing services that normally occur at the dealer on demand to the consumer and cutting out salesmen for standardized pricing? In which case, what does the dealer get in return? Higher prices? Selling old/excess inventory?