An outlet for road rage that benefits society

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Hello Product Hunters Roadshamer is the first and only video streaming and image sharing website dedicated to dash cam and other road related content. We aim to change the way people behave on the road by collecting and categorizing all road related content with a searchable license plate database. If someone behaves dangerously on the road, instead of getting mad, simply upload the footage to the Roadshamer and it automatically enters them into the database. We're just ran our first beta in Australia and Israel with huge success and today are starting in the USA. This is our first step to getting started and plan to scale very soon.
We have all had issues with guys like "Ronnie Pickering" this gives us a chance to level the playing field. By capturing the license plate data of the driver and sharing it with the world - eventually there will be a large enough database of drivers that authorities will be able to hold them accountable... this is a revolution waiting to happen.
@ari_gottesmann awesome product! How will you have any integration/interaction with local law enforcement? Or is the goal simply to crowdsource frustrations & a cathartic release? How local law enforcement can issue punishments based on previous crimes that they were not caught in the act doing?
@nadavweinberg @ari_gottesmann Hi Nadav. We freely offer law enforcement use of violation videos. We're already in discussions with some municipalities about using our mobile app for alerting them about parking violations so they can either use the photo to send out a citation or notify a nearby traffic monitor. Other than law enforcement there are other ways this can help: 1) Parents can check if their children are driving recklessly 2) Businesses can monitor their fleets 3) Some people simply aren't aware with how their driving affects others. Seeing yourself on the site could serve as a wake-up call. 4) We're also collecting GPS data of offenses so we can recognize if there are problematic intersections or traffic lights, we can notify them and they can respond. Nowhere else has this type of data ever been collected. Our ultimate goal is to establish a driver community and also create a dialogue to discuss and try to improve how we drive and how we treat each other on the road.
@nadavweinberg @ari_gottesmann the license plate data is available for all to see along with the video/photo evidence. Once they reach critical mass law enforcement will become very interested in collecting the revenue available from these documented violations...
Torn between 'this is awesome' and 'what happens when it's me on the video'. Love it though! It may create a high noise:signal..algo needed to tease out the true violators and present real culprits to authorities.
@nathanmaggard Thanks. All videos are manually checked by a human being before approved for sitewide viewing to weed out the rubbish. We know how to scale it though. That said, driving is a subjective matter and what some people consider terrible driving might be considered the norm by others. That's what the rating and discussion systems are for.
love this product! Would love to see this succeed!