Roads by Porsche

Find your new favorite backroad

Roads by Porsche is made for drivers. If you think the car is more than transportation and you want to enjoy your journey - not just arrive... then give it a try. Explore great drives, and record your own scenic tours to share with other drivers.

Vardan Karapetyan
  • Vardan Karapetyan
    Vardan Karapetyangrowth hacker and messenger bots expert

    Brilliant idea for a landscape or car shooting. Very nice UI.


    Needs lot of users for valuable feedback and community development

    Just try it

    Vardan Karapetyan has used this product for one day.
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Hovo Evans
Hovo Evans@hovo_evans · tech geek and trendy stuff lover
So cool!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Is this Porche's first app? Can we add Strava-like competitive racing to the feature set? 😅 (j/k, drive responsibly people!)
Duane Wilson✌️
Duane Wilson✌️HunterPro@helloduane · Product : Design & Development
@rrhoover No, there are other owners apps and this one is a re-launch of one they did for the GTS community awhile back. There the GTS owners community sourced drives and shared them with the larger community but that app had some serious problems. Porsche and an agency re-designed the interface and relaunched the app hoping for a more wide appeal. While there are still some issues (namely around navigation issues to get to the roads selected) I've found a few fun ones in the Bay thus far. The app is free to use and join the community, speeding tickets are on the user 😬
Gezim Hoxha
Gezim Hoxha@happygezim · Founder, Zip Recipes
I love the idea! Road trips can be really boring where I live.