Simple public facing product roadmaps

Simple public facing product roadmaps built with bootstrapping startups and indie hackers in mind.
Keep yourself accountable and your users informed.
Easily create and manage unlimited product roadmaps with one affordable account.
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I've been looking for an easily maintainable public facing roadmap tool for a while. There are lots of great options but they are all (in my opinion) either too complex or too expensive. I needed something quick and simple, yet functional and communicative, so I built it myself. Right now Roadmapper is free to use in its entirety. If lots of people want to use it then I'll introduce super cheap pricing of $5 per month or $50 for the year in order to cover costs. For that price you'll get all functionality and unlimited roadmaps. I just hope some people, probably on the less funded end of the food chain can find this useful. I have.