Roadmap v2

A simple tool to get your team aligned on what's next.

Roadmap is a simple tool to get your team aligned on what's next. Visualise your plan with just drag and drop, add details, assign and watch work get done.
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Jimmy Amash
Engineering @Acorns. Product maker.
Can you elaborate on what's new in your v2, aside from a new pricing model?
Farzad Ban
Founder/CEO @3drops, @onroadmap
So happy to launch our new Roadmap here! A lot has gone into growing Roadmap to where it is today, thanks to your support since our Beta (2017) and V.1.0 (2018) launch right here on Product Hunt 🤗 One of our biggest changes in this release is our new pricing model. Today, Roadmap comes in 3 delightful packages, designed to solve your needs without worrying about seats: Basic Create roadmaps in seconds & share them with a link $9/month - Unlimited plans Pro Invite managers & collaborate on plans like a pro $19/month - Unlimited members Team Assign tasks & track your team’s progress visually. $49/month - all-inclusive Sign up and try Basic for a week. Interested in Pro or Team? Simply upgrade and if you are not happy with the experience during your first month, I will personally refund you the same day. Excited to hear your thoughts and answer any question you may have about Roadmap, bootstrapping a productivity startup, how we are prioritising our work, competitors or anything that's interesting to you. 📥😊
Paul Shuteyev
Experienced Digital Marketer
@farzadban RM looks awesome! How about an interview about it at Send me an email to paul(AT) if interested!
Leo Zakour
Entrepreneur & Product Designer.
Outstanding product and great improvements from v1. Well done! 🙌
Tim HaskinsMaker & traumatic brain injury survivor
Been waiting for something like this for a long time. Thank you for building this and congrats on the launch!
Looks great. Well done !
Arjun SundararajanTech Founder
Simple and powerful !
MoizExperience Enthisiast
I think this product is amazing, however the first thing I noticed in the calendar view is that it does not have “Saturday” & “Sunday” which can be enabled in the settings, However I live in a region where weekend happens on different days, is it possible to modify the weekend?
@w0rst Tell me more about this region??!!
Shubhendra VikramFounder, Hapramp Studio
Wanted to try this product but I'm stuck on the set up your company page :/ It cant move beyond the prompt...creating your team.
🐁Cuisine De Geek
Login with google account is frozen
Onur KeskinMND Bilims // Autonomous Robotics
they just want your money, it is just an excel sheet with fancy UI/UX