Roadmap for Chrome

Track product feedback from anywhere - for free!

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Roadmap lets you group product feedback/feature suggestions from your community and users all in one place. And now with the Chrome extension, you can do it directly from any website. We see a lot of feedback/feature requests on Twitter, some of which we add into Slack. Roadmap makes sure the feedback doesn't get lost, and keeps it all in one place for all the team to see/add to ✨
Thanks for hunting our new Chrome extension Niv and for the feedback you've shared with us these past few weeks! 🙏 Product feedback comes in from lots of different channels and stakeholders like sales, support, and design. The extension is an easy way for team members to track product feedback without having to switch apps or contexts. Anyone can use the extension for free, so unlike some other tools where each user needs an expensive license, our extension is accessible without breaking the bank. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. And yes, we will be using the extension to track feedback left here in comments. 😉
That's a great idea to use Chrome Extension to scrape feedback from different sources! Awesome that you save a link to an original page/tweet/etc.
This team is BRILLIANT!
Brilliant product. Makes it super easy to collect and organize feedback from customers.