Roadmap v.1.0

Radically transparent project & team management app.

#4 Product of the MonthJanuary 2019

Plan sprints, manage workload and track their progress visually.

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Roadmap is what I've been looking for but I need something just for me.


Visual timeline-based project management. Easy to use. Date based milestones.


Not for solopreneurs or freelancers. Minimum of 3 users at $10 per user if paid yearly.

Looking for something like this but for personal use as well. Have you found anything that comes close?

Great work!


It is one of the most cleanly designed and workload management tools around. The UX is super well thought through almost everywhere.


For us, a dealbreaker is still that you cannot allocate *parts* of days to people. Only complete days, but we don't work like that.

Hi Product Hunters, We've missed you! It was 1,5 year ago we launched our Roadmap Beta here on Product Hunt. And thanks to your support, we made it to the product of the month in 2017. During all this time, we've been working with thousands of teams to create a solution that empowers teams to prioritize their tasks with clarity, manage their workload with transparency and track their progress with just a glance. Today, my team and I are proud to officially announce the release of Roadmap v1 right here on Product Hunt. As always, I'm available throughout the day to answer your questions. Excited!
@farzadban dope designs! anything this has that asana doesn't? (we currently use asana for building roadmaps)
@r44d Glad you like it Raad. About 1,5 year ago we launched Roadmap Beta right here on PH which quickly grew to become one of the most popular product launches in 2017. Given it was only our Beta, a lot of companies out there starting noticing us. Long story short, since then, most of them have implemented timelines and they are probably working on adding team management features as well. Which I think is great. The concept of time was an illusion to the majority of productivity tools out there until Roadmap came along. Everyone knew when things were due but no one had any idea when they had to start the work in order to complete it on time. And as a result, procrastination was born. Without any clear estimates, or milestones (what you are working towards) you don't have the context necessary to prioritise your tasks properly, which on it's own added the anxiety we are experiencing in most organisations today. That's where the fear of missing out is coming from. With Roadmap, everyone is aligned on what matters the most. From the big picture like what the project is about and when the milestones are due down to the smallest task, their current status and what's next. And since it's all simply visualised, you can easily spot bottlenecks/errors at just a glance, and adjust your plans with clarity, before they become an issue. Another benefit of Roadmap is that it empowers each member to stay in-sync with what their co-workers are currently working on and their current status, at any given time, without the standup meetings, with just a glance. This is what we mean by radical transparency. You can learn more about what sets Roadmap apart from others right here: Hope that helps.
How does this differ from other project management solutions? Beautiful design guys and well done on the launch!
@aaronoleary It's simple and beautiful.
@simon_bengtsson1 As is almost every other solution, however I'm interested to know how this one stands out in such a saturated market
@aaronoleary Rich from Software For Projects here. Roadmap is beautiful software and is different from some of the other major players in a few ways: - Most of the major PM software programs don't have the resource planning element. The platforms that do incorporate it often have complicated or dated interfaces. - Dynamic visibility is also a factor that is quite unique in the crowded space. Most platforms will show you either tasks on time, tasks due, tasks past due or will give you downloadable reporting. Roadmap gives you a quick overview of where you're at with projects via a scrolling timeline. - Pricing compared to others in the PM space is quite similar. Most software that have a variety of use-cases fall into the ~$10pm bracket. If they get more specialised or target specific industries, the price will go up to $20+pm per user. In the end, the biggest selling point for me (especially as I advise on over 200 programs) with Roadmap is the resource planning element and A+ design.
@aaronoleary Thank you Aaron, glad you like it. Roadmap is the first, radically transparent project and team management software that empowers teams to identify and prioritise their most important tasks and track their true progress. By radically transparent I mean Roadmap visualises everything from the big picture like what the project is about, when the milestones are due, down to the smallest tasks, who's working on them and what their current status is. By true progress I mean, unlike other project management that focuses on how many tasks you got completed, Roadmap visualises how much closer you got to your next milestone/goal with each step. And since it's all beautifully visualised, you can easily spot bottlenecks and errors as at a glance and address them long before they become an issue. Roadmap is designed to boost accountability between members through transparency and maintain momentum long after the initial excitement. It's basically the secret to unlocking your team's true potential. You can learn more about what makes Roadmap unique compared to other productivity tools like Kanban boards or todo-lists right here: Hope that helps.
@farzadban All great implementations! This one is definitely going to go far!
👋 We've been using the Roadmap Beta in our studio for a while now and it's been very useful. We wanted a way to see tasks and timelines for projects in a visual way - Roadmap is by far the best solution for this that I've tried. Congrats on the launch. 👍
@whatthefurr Thank you Joey. Appreciate the kind words 🙏