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Hi Product hunters! Super excited to finally release Roadmap Beta Roadmap is a project planning and resource management app for teams. It gives managers a great overview, from the bigger picture and down to the details. Roadmap comes with a flexible yet simple project planning tool that gives you the ability to plan any type of project by simply drag and drop. It also comes with a powerful scheduling tool which is directly integrated to your projects, making it effortlessly easy to keep your schedules updated as projects and tasks change over time. Unlike task management like Trello, Jira, Github and Asana, Roadmap gives you a complete picture, making it easy for all team members to understand where they are at and what they are working towards. Alongside this, Roadmap is a producer/project/product manger’s best friends. Not only does it make planning effortlessly easy, it also communicates daily/weekly priorities to the team, notifies you when milestones or deadlines are approaching and pings the manager when someone has too much or too little to work on. We just released our public beta and have over 1000 teams using Roadmap. Even so, Roadmap is getting strong by the week. Get started on our 14 days free trial and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to hear about our awesome, upcoming features. Just ping me here if you have any question or feedback. I'm all ears. Cheers!
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@farzadban Looks awesome, congrats! Two quick questions: Can Members make any changes, or does that make them an Admin/Manager? How far out is the Trello integration on your roadmap? Speaking of, it'd be great to see a public Roadmap roadmap. 😁
@imakestrides Thanks, glad you liked it, Kyle. Currently only Admins and managers can make changes, Members can view the project plans and the teams schedules on Roadmap. The trello task import integration is not too far away ;) And yes, a Public Roadmap roadmap is on the way :) We are just still prioritising work. Once we are ready, we'll share the link on our website 🌞
@farzadban Perfect, that all sounds great!
@farzadban I can recommend this to all those products I'm using and asked about features they say "its coming", but WEHN?! lol
We are using roadmap since it was in beta. I think this is just the beginning what they have launched now. It opens up new product management styles beyond current scrum, kanban in Trello, Asana etc.
Hi @farzadban , very nice starting point! Do you share Roadmap's roadmap :) ? (Like Trello's Trello board Do you have any API to feed the roadmaps from? My use case: I'd like to visualize my projects maintained in JIRA.
@marcbc Thanks Marc. We are currently prioritising our work based on feedback we've been receiving in the past couple of weeks. We'll share our roadmap publicly when we are ready. We are planning to integrate Roadmap with other tools like Trello, Asana, Jira etc to enable users to import their tasks quickly and drop them to Roadmap. We are hoping to release it shortly.
@farzadban @marcbc JIRA integration would be really nice. I don't think I can convince my manager of "yet another" tool to maintain, but if Epics were brought over from the JIRA project it would make things a lot easier.
@jmiralva @marcbc Integrating Roadmap with other tools like Jira, Trello, Asana is definitely in our backlog and something that we are planning to release shortly! So sign up and we'll notify you once they go live. 🌞
We 💚 Roadmap! Perfect to manage team workload 👪
i had been thinking of building something just like this. glad i didn't, because you nailed it! beautiful product.
@thejeremycarson Glad you liked it, Jeremy.