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It's terrific to see highlighted here by the community. Thank you. It was clear that a community dedicated to product and company building was meant to be built on a premium domain. It needed a high-profile location. So, we were fortunate to be able to acquire the most important one-word domain for product managers -- ROADMAP. How we did it and what we paid is a story for another time. was built based on what thousands of product managers have asked us for — a dedicated place where you can ask questions about best product management practices and share what you know. A place where both aspiring and experienced product managers can call home. Sure, there are Quora and LinkedIn groups. And you might ask yourself why the world needs another community for sharing content? We did the same before we built it. It is true that there are already a few good educational resources out there that include areas for product management. But these websites were built with many other audiences in mind too. We hope that you will benefit from participating in the community. There are already some great threads on the site. Here are a few of my early favorites: Should product managers be using the same tools as their development teams? When hiring a product manager what skills do you look for? What is the difference between UI and UX? ***Register now to grab one of the first 2,000 vanity membership numbers.***
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@bdehaaff I wish startups would stop riding the wave of other successful startups with their slogans like "Quora for product managers". I actually thought it was a Quora spin off niche product until I realized you are trying to ride on the Quora brand and lost all respect for it. Sorry won't be registering for any vanity membership numbers.
@ernestsemerda I agree and am not a big fan myself of "It is X for Y." The editorial team at PH has graciously changed the description that they used to what you now see, "A community of product managers." Thanks for the comment.
Definitely looking forward to trying this out and sharing/learning with others in the PM community. Good luck @bdehaaff @k1w1!
@adammash @k1w1 Thanks. Are there particular topic areas that are more interesting to you than others? We had a number of internal debates about how to categorize the questions and answers. Let us know.
Looks like a good community! What are your plans for marketing this beyond being on PH? :) @bdehaaff
@davidsfeng We love PH. What else is there :-) Seriously, is sponsored by Aha! ( so we have a meaningful customer base and write often about Product Management and Innovation. We are also hopeful that others will help share content that they find meaningful on the site. As you know, building something new is always an adventure.
@bdehaaff Actually, I'd love to find out how to become an integration partner. Will take a look at
@davidsfeng Take a look and send a note to if you have thoughts. Assuming you are referring to Aha!, we tend to integrate with applications that are broadly used by our customers and relate to product ideation and development.
@davidsfeng definitely is off to a running start. We have tried to share the news via social and our blog as well. We are fortunate at this point to have over 200,000 followers across our social channels.
Congrats on the launch, @bdehaaff team. Product looks great. Do you guys offer the ability to receive the most popular questions via email on a regular basis? I'd like to get that weekly. Thanks.
@mjirout Thanks. Not yet, but we have already been asked for a feed and we definitley should will add a weekly digest email of the most popular questions and answers.
Thanks @bdehaaff - looking forward to it.
@mjirout Great. Let us know what you think.
I'm a fan of anything that helps product managers be better at their jobs. Roadmap seems to serve a community I care a lot about, so I can't wait to get more involved with it!
@belsito Appreciate the kind words Mike. Let us know if you have any feedback. Would be interested in hearing what you think.