Platform for makers to share their projects progress

Roadmap is a platform for makers to show a public product roadmap so others can see what the product is going to shape out to be. Future additions will be so users can suggest and upvote feature requests.

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Hi Adam, great product!. The design is so clear and minimal, it's beautiful. I would add the option to post the url of my project (if is a website for example), because roadmap could help me to share my progress, but also to show my progress (e.g. new features, markup refactor, etc.).
@sergioruizdavila Cool. Thanks Sergio. I have the column in the database ready but just didn't want to clutter Roadmap creation form so idea was to have a "launch" button so that you can add the URL at the point you want to share it with the public. Do you think this is a good idea or do you think the field should be available from the get go? Thanks for checking it out. Appreciated
@adammydesign I tell you from my need, @rosa7082 and I have created section to show our progress in real-time. And we have already created the project, but I would like to share it in Roadmap, but Stylepill is finished right now, we are adding some new features that we would like to share. I think you should give me de option to choose, if I need to put the url from the beginning, or if I want to put it when my product is finished.
@rosa7082 @sergioruizdavila Thanks for the feedback Sergio. Will add option for both hopefully today. Will let you both know when it's in πŸ‘. Really appreciate the time taken out to help improve my product.
@rosa7082 @sergioruizdavila URL input is now available Sergio πŸ‘
@rosa7082 @adammydesign Great!. I'm going to create mi milestone on Roadmap.
@adammydesign Good job, it's awesome your product. Makers could get feedback quickly if you add the option to 'upvote' or 'comment' each milestone, it helps you to 'listen' what people say, and it would add more interaction and maybe get early adopters.
@rosa7082 I like the idea of upvoting milestones. It would mean an easy line of feedback like @jasonadriaan wanted embedded roadmaps that was in my Roadmap but not as important to me. Thanks for the feedback Rosita, it's much appreciated and I can't wait to grow this product while the community are growing their own. Comments I have in my own Roadmap to be hopefully added this week. These are likely to be for the entire roadmap rather than each milestone but will definitely see how it goes πŸ‘ Thanks again
@rosa7082 @adammydesign and thanks to Adam it was built, tested and live on my site within an hour :)
@rosa7082 @jasonadriaan Thanks Jason. I've now added a button under the edit roadmap button so now everyone can embed their Roadmaps to their website πŸŽ‰
@rosa7082 Commenting on Roadmaps is now live. I will be adding commenting to milestones along with voting next πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
I like the idea of a public accountability board. Have posted a project
@ebrahimkhalil Coool! πŸ‘ Thanks for trying it out.
Nice. Checking this out and adding to my productivity/Product Management tools
@theashtube Just added commenting to Roadmap so now users can engage with the products everyone is making.
I've been doing this manually but this seems a good alternative. I will sharing it with a friend so we can both launch or side projects.
@fjaguero Thanks for checking it out. Hopefully I will be able to get commenting working over the weekend to allow for greater engagement with Roadmaps you are following and people that are following your Roadmaps. Thanks again and hope you find it useful.