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#4 Product of the DayOctober 11, 2016
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When I was a Product Manager, my biggest struggles were: 1. Tracking which features users wanted 2. Tracking which users were waiting for certain features 3. Communicating our product roadmap to customers @dominicstpierre and his team have solved these exact problems. My favorite screenshot is this one: It gives you the opportunity to really care for individual customers. ♥ it! As part of Roadmap's public launch on Product Hunt they're offering a 50% off discount to everyone that upgrades to a paid plan before Friday 10/14. No discount code needed.
@mijustin Thanks, Justin! Really appreciate your kind words! Prioritizing the direction of your product and keeping stakeholders happy is something we've all struggled with. After building a ton of products over the years, I've realized having alignment with your team about the things you're working on (or should be working on) can do amazing things for your culture and your productivity. We built Roadmap so that makers can feel confident about their projects and have a transparent outlet to share those wins with users. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask me here or from the app :)
@dominicstpierre @mijustin I'm going to try this out. Been seeing a lot of roadmap tools out there getting either too feature heavy or too is a difficult mix. Will let you know what I think.
I would've been nice for you to have an prominent link to your own public roadmap. Way easier to see what you're selling that way.
@nyalex thanks for the feedback! We're going to add a link to our homepage now :) Here is the link to our public roadmap, hot off the press!
I like that it's very customer centric and focused on existing paying customers. When you had the idea, did you see the struggle as more on proactive customers who felt like they were not being listened to versus product teams who felt like they weren't getting enough data?
@damnitjim thanks for feedback! We were really interested in understanding how the feedback/requests from existing customers impacted business objectives. That is why we wanted to see things like the MRR associated with feedback. We also wanted to give proactive customers an outlet to express their feedback and know their ideas wouldn't fall through the cracks.
Very interesting! Clearly it _can_ be used as a project mgmt system, but what did you _intend_ it to function as? Is this recommended as a meta-layer that complements the activity in your project mgmt system, or as a replacement for a project mgmt system?
@chris_hawk Thanks for the comment! Roadmaps and projects and tasks go hand in hand but our intention is not to replace your project management tools. We created Roadmap to compliment it, and work closely with them behind the scenes. The goal is to close the feedback loop to users who have expressed an interest in a feature, and make this work seamlessly with your current workflow. For example, our integration with Trello marks roadmap items as launched when moved to a done column. Read more about that here:
Really love the idea. Looking forward to more integrations as the lack of JIRA support right now is a deal breaker.
@ericcogan thanks for the feedback! A JIRA integration is actually part of the updates featured in our feedback widget in the app right now :) You can subscribe there and we'll let you know when it's ready!