Roadmap 2.0

Product management tools for innovative teams

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Hiten Shah
@hnshah · Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
Roadmap is a set of product management tools designed for teams building SaaS products. Teams can capture product feedback (very easily) in a shared inbox, and use it to inform and build up a prioritized backlog and roadmap. This is great for teams wanting to organize user research, be more transparent and improve communication both internally with their te… See more
Brittany Fuller
@bamariefuller · Co-founder @ Roadmap
👋 Hi Product Hunt! First, HUGE thanks to @hnshah for hunting us. 🙏 Roadmap has simple tools to collect feedback, prioritize a backlog, and plan roadmaps - plus keeps everyone in the loop and communicates progress. Here’s how it works: – Collect and centralize product feedback with integrations like Slack, email, and Intercom – Turn feedback into new ide… See more
Dennis Ong
@dennisong · Maker, PongUp!
Love the public roadmaps! Looks very clean and modern, I can see it replacing the use of public trello boards for product roadmaps, and would probably drive increased feedback from users since it's less cluttered (again compared to trello boards).
@tampajohn · CTO, Bringhub
Loving the new release, great to see a team using their product to develop the features that we users actually want. Looking forward to leveraging Roadmap for more and more in the future :).
Ben Docksteader
@bendocksteader · Engineering / Product @ Influitive
I'm a pretty big fan of Roadmap - we've been using it for a few months now and it has changed how our customers and team think about our roadmap. More open, more collaborative, and more excitement. Dominic, Brittany, and their team are also really on point with their support and new feature development.