Roadie 3

Next-generation automatic instrument tuner

Roadie 3 is our new flagship automatic instrument tuner. It helps you find your sound fast with quicker rotation and enhanced accuracy to keep your tunings consistently dead-on. Roadie 3 can tune almost all instruments with geared pegs in just seconds.
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12 Reviews5.0/5
The Roadie 2 which I own is my favorite Kickstarter product of all time. This product rocks!
@jeroen_verkroost Wow that is some high praise! We are honored that Roadie 2 holds that title and know Roadie 3 will take the bar even higher. Thanks for the support and kind words Jeroen, you rock too!
Been a customer of Roadie guitar tuners for a few years and this Gen 3 looks super beautiful and feature rich! Faster motors and the on-device high resolution color screen is very cool.
@thinkbiz Thanks Daniel, really appreciate the comment. You picked two of my favorite upgrades in Roadie 3, the screen graphics are gorgeous and the new shape is really easy to hold and carry around. I hope you'll enjoy using your Roadie 3!
I am so glad the fine-tuning mode became available on the Roadie 2 I really appreciate the accuracy! The harmonics ring so wonderful now due to the perfect tuning. It’s definitely worth the few extra seconds it takes to tune. Thanks guys
@kenny_wright This is exactly what we are aiming for, SO pleased to hear that kind of feedback Kenny. There is nothing like the clean, soft ring out of harmonics on a truly perfectly tuned instrument. Indeed, well worth the extra few seconds to achieve this and wonderful to hear Roadie making it possible.
I use the Roadie 2 almost daily in the studio, and it's made my tunings over the course of multi-day recording projects easier and more consistent. Can't wait for the enhanced accuracy and improved viewing angle of version 3!
@maxavery This is something many do not consider when making a project, excellent point Max. Over a few days, getting a guitar part to layer perfectly with another can come down to the tuning being true across the whole session. Glad we can help smooth this wrinkle out for you and if you are willing, please send us a link to something you have made we would love to hear it.
@sam_force A lot of my work is in film scoring, where I'll frequently need to revise sections of a performance days (or even weeks) after the original recording. The Roadie made it easy to ensure the tunings would match! As for a link, I used the Roadie 2 extensively on guitar, mandolin, and ukulele for the upcoming soundtrack release "Weed & Wine" ( Actually, it's been put to good use on most of my recent work:
@maxavery Beautiful work man, I really liked the progression on the Paradise without people track. Guitar coming in mid way then building and the ambience throughout are really an enjoyable mix. Thanks for sharing and really cool to know we can help in some small way.
@sam_force @maxavery love the music <3 starting to dream early today
@sam_force @hachisans Thanks for the kind words. Wishing you continued success with the Kickstarter! (I'm really hoping you hit the Intonation Tool stretch goal ;-)
Our Kickstarter campaign went live on April 20 and we got overwhelmed with the positive response. Now with over $300K raised and the first stretch goal unlocked we would like to share our product with the product hunt community!