The first neighbor-to-neighbor shipping network

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per a comment on TechCrunch. Hasn't this been model been attempted a bazillion times before? What's different? It seems a bit crazy to say that this is the "FIRST". similar products (from TC comment): bimea bistip boncarry cabenamala canubring clickshipit deal trotter entrusters expediezentrevous friendshippr manyship mmMule parcelio picknpass piggybee pleasebringme shipeer shipitsocial shipizy sociotransit worldcraze
I understand all the questions on the materials. As you would imagine, it's pretty high in the list of questions we get. Just to give a little more color, all Roadie drivers and shippers pledge to obey federal, state and local laws and regulations, which prohibit carrying explosives, firearms, controlled substances and so forth. We also encourage our Roadies to never ever carry anything that makes them uncomfortable. That said, we know that sometimes people don't obey laws, and if something happens, we know who the sender and driver is for every single gig, and we'll know the full chain of custody, and we'll stand behind our Roadies every step of the way until we clear their name. We also collect driver's license, insurance, type of vehicle and bank info(so we can pay them) for every Roadie and address info on every shipper so there is clear chain of custody of the package from start to finish.
Finally, unlike traditional carriers and the U.S. Post Office, Roadies are required to see and photograph the contents of all packages they carry, greatly reducing the risk of bad actors taking advantage of the system to transport illegal items.
@marcgorlin are there specific laws or regulations concerning interstate commerce that affect you and don't apply to the big carriers, or vice-versa?
We are happy to back an entrepreneur like Marc with a big vision. I will see if @marcgorlin can join the conversation. Consumers get their items delivered more efficiently and drivers get extra cash for going places they are already going anyway. Excited that UPS strategic fund invested in this round as well.
@holdenbrad is it a marketplace or is one side controlled?
@writerpollock It is a marketplace.
But similar to uber or shyp in that roadies (drivers) have to pass a background check
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