Road to Ramen

6 months to reach ramen profitability as a maker in Asia

Road to Ramen is a project to document my journey of 6 months to reach ramen profitabiltiy by building tech products as an indie maker, while living in South-East Asia.

Inspired by @levelsio "12 startups in 12 months" challenge, I am releasing my own authentic spin-off.

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Hello hunters ! Road to Ramen is a free info product aiming at sharing/documenting my journey as an indie maker to reach ramen profitability, with the hope to inspire you or/and meet like minded people :) After graduating from college one month ago and creating a startup with two partners, I decided to go all out and launch a one-man business, in order to release my own products. To reduce my burn rate, I set out to leave France and relocate to South-East Asia. Inspired by @levelsio, I decided to document the process in detail. Just a few days ago I soft launched my first product to test out the feasibility of the project : Am I capable of making something in such a short amount of time. Hopefully, the answer has been yes, I want to keep going : release lots of products, see which ones stick. Share the process in public, from ideation to growth. I wish for Road to Ramen to become a ressource where I can share my experience while learning from other makers. The website describes the project while delivering metrics updated in real time to make myself accountable. The news of my advancements are spread through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, public Trellos and a blog. Feel free to suggest aspects you had like me to talk about, and above all, welcome aboard makers / aspiring makers !
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Awesome, will be following. I like to work with and invest in founders with this sort of risk it all mentality. Feel free to DM me if you want any feedback on ideas/concepts you have.
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@livecoinwatchmb great thanks :) will do for sure in a few days actually, because I will have to decide what to make next !
I will bookmark your site and check it later, I want to graduate fast from college, hope this year. and be indie maker.
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@nyamuk why wait to graduate? I started working on my own startup 10 months before graduating, with two partners :)
@nyamuk still working there actually, in parallel of my indie maker business
@bsamel because I still have much thing to do in college, I want graduate in 3.5 years (average graduation is 4 years). I'm just so lazy going to college anymore, that why I want graduate fast.
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The best Ramen around here is in Indonesia. Following you on Twitter. Hit me up if you get to KL. I'll buy you coffee. :D
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@cleavatron I might actually ! :D Going to Penang from HCMC in November, for 3 months. KL is a small step ahead haha
@bsamel It's a date then. I do travel to Georgetown occasionally for events and stuff. The startup scene over there is thriving. I might just pay you a visit.
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Really like the color scheme of your site!
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@air_on_web thanks ! the design needs lots of improvements though, to make the color palette stand out more :) will do it asap