Modular React Native Components for quick prototyping

Develop your mobile apps faster by using pre-built easy-to-modify components that cuts down 50% of development time.

Hola hunters 👋, excited to show RNPixel! A big thank you to @chrismessina for hunting us. RNPixel is a collection of modular React Native starter kits and UI components. The main goal was to provide easily accessible component fast and easy prototyping. Here are a few key things we have perfected: - 🧩 Modularity is the goal. All components are plug n' play. - ⏳ Unlimited lifetime update. - 🛠 24/7 Technical support. - 🐙 Responsive. All components adapt based on device. One less UX trouble to worry about. - ⚙️ Request custom UI components and have it made. RNPixel is growing everyday and new components are being added. Let us know if there are any components we are missing. Last but not least, hunters get a discount with code "PH30" I will be around to answer any questions!
@Nwaohaneze Just purchased the package! The UI looks great on Expo. Would love to request a future UI package I don’t see on your Trello.
@francisco_ramos sure. I just sent you an email, let's talk.
Ohhhh, this will greatly facilitate the work, great idea