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Hello Hunters! This is Olly from RNI here. RNI Films for iPhone is our first mobile tool created for digital photographers who also appreciate film. Essentially it’s a photo app without camera functionality (yes, we knew how badly you need one). Speaking seriously that’s because RNI films is not a camera app but a film app. A few key facts about RNI Films: 1. It is an image processing app that emulates real film emulsions. 2. All RNI Films’ filters derive from their silver halide counterparts. 3. All the in-app emulsions are carefully crafted by hands. They are subtle, beautiful and make for very analog looking results. 4. Even our Grain Tool applies real film grain not digitally generated noise. 5. All the in-app emulsions are grouped into categories: Negative, Slide, BW, Instant and Vintage. 6. The app is designed for simple, comfortable and efficient one-handed workflow. The app is free and includes a solid sets of films in each category. More film packages can be acquired via in-app purchases. Hope you guys enjoy the app! Don’t hesitate to post any questions below and RNI team will answer them. P.S. Also we have a little gift for PHunters. A hidden set of filters based on vintage Autochrome emulsions. To unlock it please do the following: 1. Download RNI Films from the App Store 2. Open this page on your iPhone and copy this link: rnifilmsapp://?code=xLlkas838oh 3. Paste this link into your mobile Safari as you do with normal web links and press 'Go' 4. It should redirect you to the app and unlock the Bonus Pack 5. Enjoy! New filters are added to the end of the Vintage category.
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@ollyfromrni Cool! Thanks for the bonus presets. :D
@mostlymarius You're very welcome 👍
@ollyfromrni ditto! just downloaded the app and "gift" for PHunters :)
@ssieg You're welcome )
These guys make superb filter packs for Lightroom as well—I prefer them to the VSCO ones. They're more refined and subtle, similar to Mastin Labs' stuff but with a different character and a more accessible price point. My main issue with the mobile app is that I want to buy all the filter packs at once...the way it's set up now, you have to buy the Negative, Instant, BW, and Vintage packs separately, which is a pain. Bundle them! :)
@mostlymarius Thank you Marius! Totally agree on your point about multiple purchases. This is already on our wish-list for the next version.
@ollyfromrni That's wonderful to hear—looking forward to it! I have a few other suggestions/requests as well that I've jotted down over the course of using the app over the past few months (hope you don't mind): 1. Make it possible to double-tap an adjustment slider (or the icon) to quickly reset the adjustment to zero 2. Introduce a pinch-to-zoom functionality on the preview so we can get a better sense of how the details look (especially helpful for picking an appropriate level of grain and dust, or preventing over-sharpening) 3. Have it so the preview image is updated in real-time as adjustment sliders are dragged. Having to slide, release, slide, release is kind of annoying 4. The ability to scale the effect of a preset would be nice as well, kind of like VSCO's filter intensity sliders. Not sure if it's feasible but it would be great as I often just want to dial back the effect of a filter a bit.
@mostlymarius That's quite cool. Not sure about viability of 2 in a quick perspective, as it would make us to change the existing architecture and framework perhaps to something like metal. 3 – we really want that from the UX point of view but no quick and affordable fix at the moment. While 1 and 4 are totally doable and already on our wish-list. Thanks again for your advice and thoughtful tips. That really matters.
Hey bro, i love this app. Easy and good quality of filters. Really Nice Images
@obukhov_nikita Thanks Nikita! Appreciate your support!
Love this app. One thought/suggestion would be a "Favorite" films category that might allow end users to save oft-used emulations in one category, rather than hunting through the categories each time.
@marktegethoff Thanks Mark! That's quite a popular request indeed. I suppose we will add 'Favorite', as you suggest, or 'Last Used' category at certain point. Meanwhile, during the first few versions, we want to encourage people more into discovery, make them try new emulsions. We even tested a version with a new random film category selected every time. And that was really annoying :D
Hi All, I've played with a LOT of filter apps and this one is super nice. It's minimalistic and to the point - really cool film filters. It's not a camera... which I'm curious about (why??) But overall pretty nice!
@jsneedles Thanks Jeff! When developing the app we decided to introduce one fundamental principle: to do only RNI-specific things and not to do what iPhone already can do without us. We think that iPhone camera app is fantastic and really easy to launch, you don't even need to unlock the device so we are not pretending to compete that piece of functionality. While film-like image processing is our domain, therefore we concentrated more on that. Hope that answers your question. Cheers!