Rize Invest

Save & invest for what matters, all in one place

Each long-term savings goal can be invested in a unique balance of cash, stocks, and bonds based on when you need it.

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What's dope about Rize Invest is that it allows you to save (1.16% interest) for both short and long-term goals (like a vacation and down payment) so you can organize and track your finances all in one place. I love the clean interface.
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@writerpollock Thanks for hunting us Tristan! We'll be here all day answering your questions product hunters!
@writerpollock This looks really good. I will use it for sure. Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you. https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Love the new look and investment functionality - excited to give it a try!
Saving without goals is fruitless. What these guys are building will ultimately be better for users and their financial security in the long run
@iamjakestream Thanks Jake! Appreciate the feedback. Save for the short-term & invest for the long-term is what we always say :)
This looks sleek. It's about time banking/saving was designed for millennials

Highly recommen for anyone looking for an easy way to save and invest


Easy to use


None really