Websites for YouTube creators

Instantly create a website from any channel or selection of videos directly from YouTube.

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Wow, Jason this is amazing. So impressed how much you've managed to automate away in the background to generate the site automatically. I set up http://john.rivyt.com/ in the space of a couple of mins and it looks fantastic! Where do you plan on going with it next? Do you plan to keep the product really light? Or build up to something bigger?
@johnonolan Thanks man! We see this as just the start. This was a zero-budget startup, so Chris and I did what we could with the resources and time we had. We think it's a really good starting point, but we have so many ideas for the next phases of the product/service.
@johnonolan But our vision is to always to keep in line with our minimalist ideals.
Could someone curate videos from several different YouTube channels using Rivyt or are you limited to videos only on your own channel? Also any plans to add a category filters?
@madebyildi You can search YouTube from the RIVYT panel and add any videos you find in the results instantly. Category filters are def something we're looking into.
@themolitor Played around with Rivyt for a bit. Looks like it's possible to curate any video inside of YouTube (independent of your own channel). I understand that your focus is on YouTube creators and their own personal channels, however I think there is a bigger opportunity here to allow anyone to create their own Netflix using curated YouTube videos. Good examples I can think of are: http://digg.com/tv + http://foreignrap.com I'd like to have the ability to create categories + arrange videos around in my own order inside each category + homepage. Currently it takes two taps to play video on mobile. Would be nice to cut this down to one tap. Customization options that would be nice: bigger logo or maybe banner, ability to create more pages like "about + contact", ability for anyone to submit a YouTube video link for consideration. Again my interests lie in curating all of YouTube vs nicely presenting my own channel on a custom website. Can you elaborate more on the direction you are thinking of focusing on in the future?
@madebyildi We def want to target users looking to curate videos as well, so you won't be overlooked ;-) Categories is a feature we're actively looking into. It's tricky b/c we want to keep the process of managing the site as simple as possible. Category control tends to complicate that process, so we may need to wait until our base users get use to the system and then slowly iterate on features as we go. Regarding mobile play, yeah, that's the nature of videos on mobile unfortunately. Devices are VERY protective of sites auto-playing video/audio, so not sure there's a way around that one. Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it.
@themolitor I think categories are key because once someone curates hundreds or thousands of videos, getting to the old content would be impossible (unless u scroll for days) and old videos would be pretty much neglected. I'm curious: is it possible to post a live YouTube video stream as one of the videos on my Rivyt site? I really like the ability to edit video title, description, and add my own video thumbnail/image. Kudos on having these features! Is it possible to add any custom code at all to my Rivyt site? For example: I'd like to add a newsletter sign up form. I also really like the different templates that you offer. I think it's great to continue to build more unique layouts. I showed Rivyt to a bunch of friends (who work in video production) earlier today and they were all really excited to create their own sites. Overall I think you've created a real useful tool/platform here. Looking forward to more updates, cheers!
@madebyildi Live streams are 100% supported. The video duration that is displayed even changes to a "LIVE" notice, so visitors can see you have a live stream active. ;-)
This is super impressive Jason - well done (+Chris)! I haven't taken all the templates for a spin yet but immediate constructive feedback is for a more prominent channel Subscribe button.
@robhope Thank you, Rob! Depending on the design you choose, subscription buttons will be more/less prominent. We will be integration more option of that as well.
@robhope Thanks Rob! Like @jschuller said, we're *hoping* to have 1 new design each week or so.
So good to see this finally take off @jschuller @themolitor 🚀 Can't wait to see what people create with Rivyt 🦄
@jschuller @ambonium Thanks! We'll be sure to showcase all our fav channels on the site soon.
THANK YOU GUYS. You guys have no idea how much time and energy you just saved me on my web design business. I build websites for influencers here in Los Angeles and would have to go through the entire process of setting up hosting, purchasing a domain, installing wordpress and styling a theme to do exactly this.. If you REALLY wanted to monetize this platform the next step would be to create a Rivyt store for merch as well as an area for products affiliate links. Great work!
@trellwest Thanks Trell! Def some good ideas. We have SO much planned for this, but we're slowly working though each feature we want to integrate. Stay tuned!