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Are you unsure about buying that TV or confused about which phone to shop? Riveto is here to help! Watch expert review videos and get more information on the products. Get your queries answered. Read through unbiased reviews and articles on products before you shop. Discover new discounts and deals for your favorite products.

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Riveto curates expert reviewers in order to cut through all the marketing speak and help you make the right unbiased shopping decisions.
And the affiliate commission goes to you or the original video reviewer?
@evivz All the affiliate links from the original video reviewers are carried over as they are. So in all such cases the affiliate commission goes to the original video reviewer. In case if the reviewer hasn't included any affiliate links we include ones from our side. In such cases the commission goes to us.
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@bharatparikh Great concept. I used the the app. Looked pretty cool. Overall great work (Y)
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@evivz thanks for your feedback and encouraging words! Do drop in a rating on Play Store :)
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