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#1 Product of the MonthAugust 2019
Rivers.IM is a business/team collaboration platform that makes managing business communication simple, fast and secure.
Be more productive and spend your time getting things done with unmatched performance on Rivers.IM.
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26 Reviews5.0/5
What’s New Version HistoryAug 15, 2019 Version 5.0.4 # Major upgrade on Chat Window handling, unread counter fixes, faster message fetching, faster scrolling on various lists # Cube level announcement/channels for creators and admins # Hide your phone number from cube members who don’t have it already in phonebooks # Request phone numbers # Ability for the creator to transfer ownership both at Cube and Topic levels # Revoke admin capability for cube creator # Edit images before sending # Sequential sending and receiving of images (in the order chosen/sent) # Pinning to chats in one to one and topic chat list # Search on one to one and Topic chat screen # Accurate message read/delivered info # UI Gestures in various screens # User @mention based on username (upgrade from phone number based mentions) # New onboarding screens # Captain Support # UI improvements # Small Bug fixes
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Great product for teams to work together. Its so much faster and efficient compared to similar products.
@jessicawamsley1 : yes..i love the instant messenger like interface and the ability to have topic based discussions inside the cube...
@jessicawamsley1 Yeah so far I have to say I'm happy with it.
Was looking for a simple team collaboration app that is easy to use and adopt by people I work with, spotted rivers on app store
Really love the user interface, our whole team was on Rivers in less than a minute I would say, love the speed, file transfers are superfast, multi device sync and private topics features are very useful
how do you sign up from web?
@utestme signup can only happen from Mobile as phonebook becomes relevant to invite your team members. Once registered through mobile, one can use rivers freely from web
@vikas_saxena1 how can you register with your phone number from web?
@utestme register on a mobile first with a phone number and once you are registered, you can using same phone number access that account on web also
@vikas_saxena1 So this is an exclusive mobile auth. Why?
@utestme Only first time mobile is a must. There after you can login both from mobile and web. Mobile gives you access to your phonebook from where you can easily invite your teams to Rivers