Control your Mac with custom, two-finger gestures

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Love the idea. Unfortunately crashes on startup. Probably something I did (always is...)
Very similar to https://github.com/mhuusko5/Gestr. Even cleaner though, simpler. Excellent! What do you use for the gesture matching/detection?
@mhuusko5 Thanks. Oh, I didn't know the Gestr. I should check it. In the gesture detection, I just check the movement amount and the direction. For example, when the finger moves down for enough amount, it is recognized as "Down". And when the "Right" is recognized after "Down", they are recognized as the L-shaped gesture. For the circle gesture, it checks the direction and the interior angle.
@questbeat Cool! https://depts.washington.edu/aim... is worth looking into if you feel like supporting more complex gestures where direction composites won't quite cut it..