Exchange contact information like a boss

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Why only US App Store? :( This looks super useful!
@bramk the initial app is only available in US and Canada. The next release will be open to all countries :D
Was lucky enough to use this at its very inception a couple months back. Good work Ash. Can't wait to use the finished version.
ht @davemorin on this one: "Clever and useful solve to the exchanging contacts problem:"
I will definitely have a try in my next events!
Thanks for sharing Tom! Rive is very much an app that I initially built to make the ways I network and keep in touch w/ people easier. Prior to launch, several beta testers and I had been using Rive for the past month as our go to way to network. One thing that's been apparent is that Rive lowers the barrier to get someone's contact information. It's much easier to get a phone number or email w/ the context of sending over your contact information than it is to explicitly ask for someone's phone number or email. I tried make the UX incredibly simple. You type in the address of the person your networking with and hit send. This does 2 things. 1. It automatically sends them a text or email with all your contact information and a VCF to download. The Rive is sent programmatically so no need for you to hit send on a mail or text popup. 2. It lets you name and save the address to your address book. 3. Creates a record for the contact that's ordered chronologically that you can use to message directly from the app. This means that the app is incredibly useful for you from the start even when no one else has it.