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Whether texting friends about the next game, making plans to tailgate, or telling rivals they have no chance this season, college football stickers are the best way to cheer on your team or root for your opponents demise!

Get ready for gameday and smack talk your rivals, only with Rivalry Stickers.

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Alex Cervasio
Alex CervasioMaker@cvas · Digital Consultant
Hey PH, For whatever reason sports teams and schools have not really caught on in the iMessage store, so with iOS11 on the horizon we decided to change that. We have an artist designing every sticker for us and plan to release new sticker designs every week this season to take advantage of college football storylines and rivalry game results. We'll be expanding outside the southeast in the coming weeks! Would love to get your feedback on the design and feel of the stickers. Thank you!
Sam Marcus N
Sam Marcus N@sam_marcus_n
Genius ! Go Noles of course
Alex Cervasio
Alex CervasioMaker@cvas · Digital Consultant
@sam_marcus_n just dropped an update with even more stickers
Lorenzo Insigne
Lorenzo Insigne@insigne8insigne · Marketing Analyst
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
They look like family guy cartoons. Offensive as it brings everything to mind that family guy is. The downfall of societies moral well being. (i.e. Making sheeple by brainwashing)
Alex Cervasio
Alex CervasioMaker@cvas · Digital Consultant
@androidlove I hope they're not offensive, we intended them to be fun and positive