Increase your next job offer 🤑

👨‍🏫 Riva uses Harvard backed negotiations knowledge and 1M+ verified data points to help you earn more.
🤑 We tell you how much more you should ask for and how to ask for it.
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Wow a product named after me 😂😂
@riva_puati Did it tell you how much "you" should be making though? :P
Hi Product Hunt community👋, Sawyer & Francisco here from Riva. Thanks for taking the time to check us out. It’s been an interesting journey building this platform to help people negotiate their job offers successfully. We know there’s tons of room for improvement on this thing, so we’re focusing on customer experience and building trust. 🤔 So what is Riva? Riva is a bottom-up approach to helping people get paid well in a system where the odds are institutionally stacked against them. We give you the language and support to successfully negotiate compensation and even benefits. 🙋‍♂️ What if I only have a single offer? Believe it or not, you actually have a decent amount of leverage. The company invested a great deal of time preparing, interviewing, and evaluating candidates before deciding that you’re the one. So yes, we got you :). The language for the ask is a bit different, but the results have been great for the 60-ish customers that we’ve helped. 💸 Sounds good, but what’s in it for Riva? Our success is tied to yours, meaning that we ask for 5% of the increase AFTER we get you that increase. This puts our skin in the game and makes it risk-free for customers. ❤️ We’d love to hear your thoughts and pain points with our product and the negotiation process. Thanks again, cheers.
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@leanphilosophic wow, you're right, they didn't even change the fonts....
you should add other countries as well as it limited to few country only...