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Hi Product Hunters, I'm Katerina Schneider founder and CEO of Ritual (ritual.com). We've built a new kind of health company that believes in simplicity, traceability and fair price. Our first product is a reinvented daily vitamin that is delivered to your door every month. It has only what you need. We are the first company in the space to open up our supply chain so you can see where every ingredient is coming from and what it does in your body. Check us out at ritual.com πŸ‘Œ
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@katerinamarkov Love the idea behind the product, and as many others have said the design + branding is fantastic! Would also be interested in men's formula. I am however curious about your decision to include 'Non-GMO' as a seemingly positive trait of your product when GMOs have been shown time and time again to be hugely beneficial. Continuing to encourage the 'GMOs are bad' dialogue is starting to become the new 'Vaccines are bad', and in this case casts a mild blemish on what otherwise seems to be a fantastic product. http://nas-sites.org/ge-crops/20... https://www.geneticliteracyproje... http://www.forbes.com/sites/jone...
@robert_benjamin @katerinamarkov Is there any reason as to why the 'Non-GMO' claim is a bad thing? It appeals to a particular consumer. Some people would rather know they are eating food produced the way nature intended. It's merely a preference.
@robert_benjamin We are labeling nonGMO because we know it is an important distinction for our customer. We first and foremost source ingredients that are best utilized by the body. It just so happens that the plant based ingredients that fit our strict criteria are nonGMO. We believe that the regulatory landscape is moving towards clear labeling and we are prepared for that outcome.
@morroworks Yes, it perpetuates the myth that GMOs are a negative trait. No aspect of modern agriculture (not even organic food) is 'produced the way nature intended' in the sense people think it is. Selective breeding has been around a very long time: http://www.businessinsider.com/f...
This looks amazing! I don't really have a vitamin habit but this seems to make the case. Question to the team : is this suited for women and men? Or are you thinking of gender focused products for the future? (Does it even make sense? I know nothing about vitamins). This looks great and I wish you all the best. Will definitely try it out.
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@nicoprincen @katerinamarkov I'm curious to know as well :)
@nicoprincen our first product was specially formulated for women because it takes into account the nutrients women are missing from their diets. Men can safely take Essential for Women, however, you'll be getting a little more iron than you need, like eating a bowl of cooked spinach. Men need more Omega-3s, K2 MK7, D3, E as Mixed Tocopherols, Boron, Magnesium and MTHF Folate, and Essential for Women fills those needs. But we'd want to see more zinc for men, at least. Let us know if a men's formulation is something you'd like us to develop πŸ˜„
@chadwhitaker it's safe for men to take, in fact we already have lots of male customers because they think we use higher quality ingredients than they've seen anywhere else πŸ‘
@katerinamarkov @nicoprincen I would be super interested in a men's formula! Love the concept and your initial focus though. Fantastic design/branding as well.
Excited to see this live. Startups are hard and fundraising is one of the most stressful times. @katerinamarkov did it while 4+ months pregnant. She shared her experience a while back on Forbes. @corleyh, this is a good addition for your Female Founders collection. πŸ™‹πŸΌ
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@rrhoover @corleyh would love some love on the female founders collection -- sounds interesting
Love what you're doing - my wife definitely needs a vitamin ritual! Who designed your brand and logo?
@itsalanchan thanks! The brand was designed by our talented creative team ⚑️
Love this!
@sdotglass thanks for the support