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Free coding courses for aspiring developers

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by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co)

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I first met @eschoppik while attending Tradecraft nearly 3 years ago now where he was an EIR. He taught us non-technical people the basics about coding and he was an awesome teacher, so it's fitting that he'd start a coding school. Elie, there are many coding schools in SF (and elsewhere) and many resources on the web, what was the inspiration behind launching Rithm School? And how do you feel you're different than the other options out there for aspiring developers?
@lylemckeany thanks! We decided to start Rithm School after working at a few other coding schools in SF. We became frustrated with large class sizes and the way some other things were being run. Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience for students and not to grow aggressively. We raised some money from @Slow and we provide our students the opportunity to work at Slow Ventures portfolio companies during the program to give them real world experience or have them contribute to open source. We also keep our class sizes small (16 max) and our teachers are all experienced developers and bootcamp instructors. Finally, in the first six weeks of our program, if things are not working out, we give students a full refund on tuition.
This is pretty great material... I think this is definitely a good introduction to coding. Can you do a D3 / React or Node course?
The online courses are also equivalent to the prep class that students usually need to take before joining the bootcamp?
@alinasavu_sf Not sure about what prep classes teach, but the format of these resources seem great, not too difficult but also not hand-holding. Good intro to JS/coding.