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Get hashtag stats and suggestions before you post!


Saul Fleischman
@osakasaul · RiteKit Founder & CEO
Type a hashtag for color-grading. Discover when and by whom a hashtag is used. See how a hashtag tends to be used with the recent tweets section. Search by topic to get best hashtag suggestions for that topic. We do auto-complete. What the colors mean: GREEN = use this hashtag to get seen now BLUE = use this hashtag to get seen over time RED = do not use th… See more
Eren Mckay
@erenmckay · Social Media Strategist, On Page SEO
Excellent! I've been using RiteTag and it just gets better and better. It's an integral part of my daily social media work with clients.
Walt Spence
From someone who has been using the RiteTag for the better part of two years - Excellent work on the mobile app. Yet again you've given another great tool in the arsenal of the social media manager, marketer, and small business owner. You can plan on me continuing to evangelize the product with this addition. Keep up the great work guys!
Eric Quinn Hargrove
@ericqhargrove · Pub Dev, BuySellAds
This is an amazing app, Saul! Big shout out to you and the team for this.
Paul Kemp
@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
It's a great to see RiteKit coming to iOS. I've downloaded the app and left a 5-star. Well done! ✅