#3 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2015

Marshall Raphael
  • Marshall Raphael
    Marshall RaphaelWriter and social media marketer

    I like the way the scheduling tool, not too many tools have scheduling for multiple social media websites


    During the hashtag suggesting part it fails miserably suggesting basic words without going into detail.

    I like the mobility, and it makes the site very easy to deal with!

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Saul Fleischman
Saul Fleischman@osakasaul · RiteKit Founder & CEO
Thanks for Hunting this, @tubleondil. We just introduced instant analytics on hashtags as the user types and modifies - for retweets, impressions, more. Actually, you can just sign up (free 30-day trial), and the site will browser-sniff and suggest the browser extension you need: this one (Chrome), or the Safari or Firefox extension. The extension integrates with Buffer, Tweetdeck, Twitter, Hootsuite, SproutSocial and more. The tag browser button facilititates optimized social sharing of any web page. Hint: before you send a tweet, click the graduation cap below (in the modal overlay (popup) that you get from the purple RiteTag button). We show you how you can optimize further.
Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares
Dil-Dominé Jacobe LeonaresHunterHiring@dildomine · Founder and CEO, Verified Collection
@osakasaul My pleasure - its a great platform that the world needs to use. Powerful for social media teams and brand marketers (or anyone really).
Saul Fleischman
Saul Fleischman@osakasaul · RiteKit Founder & CEO
@tubleondil Thanks, yes, it's for anyone with a message that they would like to get found - beyond those already following them. For an idea of who uses RiteTag, see https://angel.co/ritetag under Customers.
djjaron@jaronrayhinds · Always be building!
Top tool I've been using since inception, the plugin is second to none and the new connection trees are on another level.. Great design on both the Web app and the Extension.. #TopTool
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Great idea - I'm still beefing up my SMM skills, so this has instant appeal to me. BUT.. why when I try to install does it want access to manage my themes, apps and extensions? The ability to modify websites and I'm on seems required (to modify as I type in a textbox?) and communication to cooperating websites seems par for the course for chrome extensions... but managing my apps?
Saul Fleischman
Saul Fleischman@osakasaul · RiteKit Founder & CEO
@rossdcurrie Fear not, that's a matter of Chrome permissions. I am the founder, and you have my word we will never tweet or Facebook update without you having asked RiteTag to do so. As for managing your apps, this would be for the sites we integrate with: this means you get the analytics as you type - in those sites. Hope this helps.
Marcus Karoumi
Marcus Karoumi@mkaroumi · Marketing @ Page-Anchor.com
AH! This is exactly what i've been waiting for. Genius! Is it possible to make some kind of smartphone app out of this?
Shashank Bharadwaj
Shashank Bharadwaj@snk · Lead Engineer, WorkGenius
@mkaroumi Working hard on bringing that to you next month
Mike Bracco
Mike Bracco@bracco · Product at JibJab
This is great! I've been wanting an iOS keyboard that did this analysis so you could see hashtag relevance while posting on Twitter or Instagram on mobile.