Better hashtags get your tweets found and shared

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Awesome explainer image. Clear right away how to use this product. (Note: what's not shown in the image is that there's a scheduler.)
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@nikkielizdemere many thanks, and check out the browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari - you'll see your hashtags graded for chance of discovery, in Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck, Twitter and more.
Nothing is secret on @producthunt , this is one of my secret weapons.. DAMN.. Dont forget to pick up the Android app for post domination on the go.. #StackTheDeck https://play.google.com/store/ap...
@jaronrayhinds Thanks, J - and for iPhone people, expect our iOS RiteTag in September.
RiteTag is pretty neat. I wrote a python script ( https://github.com/nealrs/ritehash ) a few months ago to query the API for list of similar hashtags & their viral potential.
@nealrs saw it!!! And now, check out our documentation, with all code for our API endpoints in .py - and 10 other languages.
Check out https://ritetag.com/best-hashtag... (you'll need to register to see all tabs, but can get the six stats provided per hashtag in the Summary tab - open to all.
@michalhudecek #word! But yes, the Summary tab, six actionable stats, this gives people what they need to make decisions. Signed-in people can then put it all to use...
I used this ever since it was released. Beside the the grading effect it is very pleasing for me to have colorful hashtags.
@dgtrittenwein Thanks, and wait until you see out new Stat hashtag infographics next week! 11,000,000 hashtags in contant update mode!!