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#4 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2016
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This is an awesome discovery front end into SoundCloud. Simple. Beautiful. Easy to use. Congrats to the team.
@prattarazzi Hi Eddie, I am really glad you like it. This was created as a side project for myself over the past few months to easily discover new songs from Soundcloud but now I decided to share with the world with the hopes that a few other people might find it useful. So, this makes me really happy.
@jayzinc @prattarazzi very good side project. You should integrate events api for your artists as well.
I like the product. Things that could be improved: 1. Continue to play songs after screen saver is on. 2. Continue to play songs when focus is in another tab. 3. Start playing new track when I switch categories. 4. Show songs list instead of album covers :) 5. +1 for iOS app
Looking good. Do you only browse through genres or is it personalised?
@ppaslier It's not personalized but if you have an account it gives you the ability to 'star' the songs you liked so you can go to 'My Favorites' tab and listen to your own playlist. Each category/genre is populated by searching a couple social media sites and ranking the songs based on a simple algorithmn
@jayzinc OK thanks. So are the results quite different from Hypem or Soundcloud itself?
iOS app please
I think you should change the color of the playback controls. I barely saw them, because firstly I thought the site doesn't have something like this :D. Also, would be nice if you could log in with SC credentials.
@remusbaltariu Hi Remus, I am the developer of this webapp, I will play with the colors on the progress bar sometime soon and try to come up with something easier to see than light gray bar with white icons.
@jayzinc Awesome! thank you for your reply. Keep up this awesome work! :D