A beautiful & feature-rich Dribbble client for Android

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Rippple is a beautiful Material Design Dribbble app for Android with landscape and tablet layouts support.




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Jannik Siebert@jnnksbrt · Software Architect @mohemian
SEO will be slightly difficult with this name 😉
Mathieu MareeMaker@mathieumaree · Product Manager @Withings
@jnnksbrt You bet, I'll let you imagine my surprise when the crypto was announced a couple of years after my app was released 😁
Aleksander Skjoelsvik@alekplay · I like making things
Naming is a bit unfortunate, gonna be a difficult task to market and ASO this
LucasHunter@pluslucas_ · Aspiring UI/UX designer
@alekplay Good point. I'm pretty sure the app was already out before crypto became mainstream, so "unfortunate" is the right word to use
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
To the moon? Been using this app since ages! The best out there for enjoying Dribble on Android.
Mathieu MareeMaker@mathieumaree · Product Manager @Withings
Thanks for the showcase @pluslucas_ ! Glad to see Rippple doing pretty good here on PH a couple years after it's initial release!
LucasHunter@pluslucas_ · Aspiring UI/UX designer
@mathieumaree you're welcome 😃