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Paul Stavropoulos
Paul StavropoulosMaker@pstav90 · Founder, Kefi Labs LLC
Hi folks! Thanks for checking out Ripple! Ripple allows you to share thoughts, pictures, jokes, and local events with people near you, who in turn can choose to send that content to more people. Messages travel so far as they are relevant or engaging, and can travel across the world if people keep passing it on. One of the coolest features is the ability to see a map of where your messages travelled and how far they have gone. It's a great way to hear about what's happening on campus and around you, as well as seeing what people outside of your bubble are talking about and doing. Take a look for yourselves and please share your feedback! Cheers, Paul
Sumeet Jindal
Sumeet Jindal@sumeetj · MD/MBA
cool! how does this distinguish from plague (i recently heard about plague too, so not sure which one of you launched first etc) - i think its a really cool idea
Paul Stavropoulos
Paul StavropoulosMaker@pstav90 · Founder, Kefi Labs LLC
@sumeetj Hey Sumjeet. You're right. The two apps are similar in what they are trying to do. We want Ripple to be useful for local updates within peoples' communities. Favorite bands coming to perform in venues nearby, bars opening up in town, talking about the best coffee shops/vistas/etc. College students could use this to share upcoming organization events as well. This goal is missing in Plague. At the end of the day, we want to show you a feed of what people near you have found engaging and relevant, where this feed is evenly split between local content and engaging ripples that have been spread. We've taken a different approach to our user interface. We don't want to show you one piece of content at a time. A user should be able to scroll through a feed to explicitly find what s/he finds relevant and should be able to look at ripples s/he has spread to others to view where they have gone and how far they've travelled. We really like the direction we've taken with it, and our users seem to like it too. Give it a try!