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Hey guys, I added the download link to this post so you can try it out and see what you think. We're here to answer any questions you guys have. Thanks for trying Ripple!
"At Ripple, our mission is to overcome the Loneliness Epidemic" Tech can make our life easier, more efficient, and more exciting, but, on a fundamental level, can it make us less lonely? i'm dubious. if anything the opposite, usually. also, it's weird that up top the FIRST selling point you see is that it's ad-free and always will be. I saw that before I even realized what the product was.
@eriktorenberg 1) We believe that using technology to make it easier to hang out in-person will make us less lonely as we spend more time with each other. 2) That's fair, our thought was that if you only saw that top bit and didn't care to scroll down, you would at least have in your head that it doesn't cost anything to try. That's great feedback and I'll think about how to change it to describe the product better!
Not entirely sure or sold on this. So basically it shows if my friends are physically close? And if so then it recommends a group activity to do? I don't remember the last time I felt that lonely that I just wanted to hang out with a random friend. Also the thought of suggesting something via ripple and getting turned out sounds painful........ :(
@johnnyquachy Good questions: 1) The app shows you how recently you've either hung out in person or skyped with a close friend that you explicitly invited. That pond screen essentially lets you see how emotionally close you are with these friends you want to keep in touch with rather than physically close. You can then click on the friends and get a recommendation or choose any place you usually go to. 2) That's good that you don't feel lonely! I'll just amend that it isn't a random friend, but one of your closest 15 friends that you've decided you want to stay in touch with no matter how busy or physically distant you are. Since you are also drifting in their pond, it is pretty unlikely that they would see that you are reaching out to them and just reject you outright. In that case, they probably are a pretty bad friend! Does that answer your questions?
@andretheentree Yes it does. Thanks for answering Andre!
Congrats on the launch! Could you give us a hint as to what you're working on for the next update?
@Lumilux Great Question! We're hoping to allow multiple calendar syncs, some visual improvements to the pond and other screens, and to make it possible to have a custom name for a ripple. We also got a ton of feedback today, and we're looking to incorporate a lot of that immediately. In the near future beyond that, we're looking to add a chat function, make it possible to split bills, and call an uber directly from the app. Right now there's a "Get Directions" button, but I think an uber button would be a big upgrade! Do you have anything you would like to see in the coming versions?