The project management tool for G Suite

Ripley is a project management tool built on top of G Suite. It has a deep integration with Google Drive and Docs so you can:

- Get notified when a doc needs your attention

- See all your Google Tasks in one place

- Easily setup document workflows

- Manage multiple Google Accounts at once

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Hunters! I’m Ed, one of the makers of Ripley. These days organizations on G Suite create thousands of documents every month. Team members have to keep track of all these documents, tasks and changes. It is too easy to let an email about a task or a key change in language slip through the cracks. That’s why we thought, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to keep track of that yourself, the same way you can keep track of tasks and key information on Trello or Asana, but without having to constantly copy and paste between G Suite and your tool? After 1 year of hard work and 3 months of beta testing, we are ready to introduce Ripley: The #1 project management tool for G Suite. What Ripley does, is let you pull in files and folders into your team’s Ripley workspaces within Google Drive. Ripley will look for changes to the files or tasks assigned to team members and bring them into the workspace. 📂 Add files and folder from Google Drive without the need to copy and paste ☕️ Get a daily digest email of all the changes to your files in Ripley so you are up to date with your morning coffee 👨‍💻 Personalized dashboard showing you which workspaces and files have unseen changes 📅 Automatic sync between Ripley tasks and Google Calendar so team members get reminded of deadlines 🔒 Encrypted cloud storage so security is taken care of (at no extra cost) We created a new space so team members can be productive in Google Drive and not have to worry about if their changes will be lost, or if team members will lose track of them, missing deadlines and backing up your overall workload. During the next stages, we will introduce ways for people to solve specific problems Google Drive power users have. TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY, GET 50% OFF YOU FIRST YEAR* 🔒We take security very seriously. Ripley is built on Google’s Cloud infrastructure so any data in Ripley never leaves Google’s Cloud. All data in encrypted as rest and any sensitive data is encrypted at the database level as well. Get Ripley for free NOW and help us make your team more productive! 😻🙏 -------- Fun Facts ⏳We started Ripley to help us manage spec documents from clients 🐶 Ripley is named after a Portuguese Water Dog 🎮We’re a remote team and use Ripley every day ourselves ☀️A day on Venus takes longer than a year -------- *Offer Ripley allows anyone with a Gmail address to use the service for free, but the number of workspaces and documents will be limited. G Suite teams can have up to 3 team members for free. More team members or more workspaces and documents is 9.99 a/month per user. Finally, besides the FREE version available to everyone, we also have a special offer for Product Hunters. Today and tomorrow only the annual subscription will available at a 50% discount off for the first year, please email me ( directly from the Google account you would like the discount to be applied to (valid Today and Tomorrow only).
@ripleyhq @edparso Looks very interesting, however I cannot seem to be able to import a google drive folder as advertised. Bug?
@ripleyhq @stoweboyd Hi Stowe, looking at your fullstory, I think this is a UX bug rather than a code bug. Clicking on the folder title will jump into that folder. To select it please click on the the circle to the left of the icon (like a radio button). Let me know if once you click the circle and import everything works
@ripleyhq I've added a screenshot of the Ripley board we used to get ready for Product Hunt so if anyone is interested they can we the product in action.
@ripleyhq @edparso So cool! Thanks for sharing! I'm signing up now!
@ripleyhq @edparso That works, although I guess I had expected that when I selected a gdrive folder that it would pull in the docs from the folder into Ripley

My team used to use Trello and with all our projects, having to copy Google Docs over to trello cards and then add comments there and then on slack and keep track of permissions for Google folders, it was SUCH A MESS. This is so intuitive in that you can just keep everything in one place THE ORIGINAL DOC and then reminders are automated do you don’t have to keep reminding people. Highly recommend!


LOVE THIS! Used to use trello and w/Google, slack, etc. was A MESS. This keeps everything in one place THE ORIGINAL DOC. Highly recommend!


Limited mobile support: There’s no app for Ripley so it’s hard for me to keep track of my projects when I’m not at my desk. Please add this!

I've been playing with Ripley for a few months, I love that it can show me tasks I've been set within Google docs, saving me creating email folders or hunting through to find where I was tagged. Reminds me of first using GDrive, takes a little time to understand, then you never go back.
@james_bromley thanks for the feedback James I'm glad you're enjoying the product. We're working hard to try to make the value of Ripley easier to understand earlier.

Before Ripley, I was forced to sort through endless amounts of Google Docs and not just mine, my clients too. I was always battling with permissions and trying to explain to my clients which permissions to give which documents. Ripley provides my staff and my clients the ability to access, edit and approve documents all from one localized dashboard. I can keep my business and client documents separate, safe and easily accessible by all who need access to them while limiting those who do not. I use document tasks and due dates synced to my Google Calendar to help manage my projects. Ripley for the WIN!


Boosts Productivity, Track Writing Projects, Document Histories, Easy Collaboration, User Permissions are Legit, Never Lose Documents


As a business owner, Ripley has been so integrated into my daily life, I would LOVE an app so I can take Ripley on the go.

Great work! I really hope this will solve my problem of having way too many Google Calendars that can't fully sync so that others can't book over other calendars?